Gold Book

At Coastline Christian Academy, we implement a positive reinforcement procedure called Gold Book. When a student is “caught being good,” he or she is sent to the principal’s office. Upon arriving, Mrs. Underwood, the principal, congratulates the student enthusiastically as he or she signs with a gold pen in an actual gold book. The student also chooses a reward for being “caught,” such as a pencil or bookmark.

Students are “caught” making good choices, striving for excellence, demonstrating self-discipline, having a great attitude amidst a challenge, lending a helping hand, demonstrating integrity and upright character, or serving and loving others through kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity.

“Gold Book Friday” is celebrated during every Friday chapel.  At this event, Mrs. Underwood acknowledges the weekly Gold Book recipients by name with an explanation of how they got “caught being good.” As their classmates cheer them on, the recognized students make their way to the front of the room to pick out an item from a table scattered with various fun prizes.

Each student is “caught” and acknowledged for Gold Book several times throughout the year. The students are regularly reminded that we don’t always get caught being good, but there is One who catches us every time and God is the One we ultimately serve. At the close of Gold Book Fridays, Colossians 2:23 is often quoted: “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.”