In the Beginning

On June 19th, 1999, nine local Christian families, representing various places of worship, backgrounds and circumstances, met at Stow Grove Park in Goleta to brainstorm and pray together regarding their children’s future education. Collectively, these parents desired an affordable Christian school for their children, a place where they would be encouraged to love and serve God with all their hearts.

That night in the park, God’s voice became clear to them—to start a new school by fall. They named the school Coastline Christian Academy and picked Isaiah 40:31 for the school verse. An action-packed, two-and-a-half months of preparation followed. Doors opened to excited children on their first day of school on September 8th, 1999. Renting rooms from Cathedral Oaks Christian Center, Coastline Christian Academy began with 39 students and 4 full-time teachers.

From its foundation, parents, teachers and staff acknowledged that Coastline was God’s school. They also agreed the school should be for Christian families, where parents were welcomed and could be thoroughly involved. The school philosophy would provide a seamless transition from home life to school, not contradicting or usurping one another.

A mere two years later, the building was deeded over to the school. On May 18th, 2001, the ownership of the property was officially transferred from the Cathedral Oaks Christian Center to Coastline Christian Academy. It was truly a gift from heaven. God’s provision was more than anyone ever imagined.

Established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, a board of directors was elected, composed of 11 parents. By-laws were adopted, financial procedures were put in place, and policies were formulated. The school grew each year for the next four years, with over 100 students by 2003. Enrollment has remained in the 80–105 range since that time.

Standardized tests were instituted the first year, and have continued annually. Coastline students have regularly scored well above local schools. Scores in reading and language at each grade level are consistently in the 80th to 90th percentiles of the nation as a whole.

In 2007, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of Christian Schools International granted dual accreditation to Coastline. This demonstrated the level of academic excellence desired and achieved by the faculty and administration.

God has brought amazingly gifted teachers and deeply-involved families to Coastline. We praise God for His abundant blessing and answer to the prayers of nine families. We give Him all the praise and glory.