Impressions from our Coastline Community

Coastline Student “They make algebra fun somehow.”

Coastline Student “My old school was like a big, giant icebox. It was cold. At my new school it is warm and you feel warm inside all day long.”

Coastline Student “The Bible assignments really make you think about your relationship with Jesus!”

Coastline Student “One of my favorite memories of Coastline was on my very first day. Everyone was so welcoming and nice.”

Coastline Student “My teacher is the best teacher I could ever have.”

Coastline Student “I feel like I have so many friends that I can look up to.”

Coastline Student “The classroom environment is so welcoming and fun. I love it.”

Coastline Student “My new teacher is loveful. She’s full of love for us!”

Coastline Student “Mom, I wish today wasn’t Saturday so I could go to school.”

Coastline Student “You don’t have to be scared at my school, because when you go into class you feel really welcomed.”

Coastline Dad “I feel closest to God when hearing the children sing at Coastline’s chapel.”

Coastline Dad “It’s a huge blessing to have our family’s Christian values be extended at our kids’ school. It’s a comfort to know that my kids’ authority figures are there to encourage them in their walk with God and in building their faith. I’m amazed at how much Scripture and Biblical stories my kids have memorized, the songs they’ve learned, the lessons that have stuck with them and how easy it is for them to talk about God.”

Coastline Dad “Coastline has been such a wonderful environment for our whole family. I was resisting having the kids attend Coastline because we live across town and I was balking at paying for school, but I am so glad that we got past that. The cost has been quite reasonable and the value academically, socially, and spiritually is fantastic. The decision to have the kids at Coastline has been one of the best investments we’ve ever made.”

Coastline Mom “I am so thankful for Coastline. Not only do they care about education, but they care about the heart.”

Coastline Mom “As a former homeschool mom, I desire for my children to have a literature-based classroom and a school that teaches the Bible and genuine faith. I have found that CCA accomplishes these essentials by having genuine teachers, hosting Chapel every morning, and choosing great literature to read in the classrooms. I love how Christian faith and the Bible are incorporated in everyday life through Scripture memorization, application, and service projects. CCA is a greenhouse for my children to grow in learning, faith and character.”

Coastline Mom “Coastline Christian Academy is like a family. Whether you’ve been part of the school for a decade, or a week, you feel part of this family. The teachers and staff are superb. We feel very blessed to be a part of this wonderful school.”

Coastline Mom “When I first visited Coastline, I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity, which included a variety of ethnic and economic backgrounds. The student body is taught how to be kind and loving toward one another, resulting in inclusive attitudes. Children of different grades and ages are encouraged to interact at recess, chapel and other activities, creating a rich community atmosphere.”

Coastline Mom “At Coastline, kids can remain sweet, innocent, happy kids, without the pressure of becoming sophisticated and grown-up before their time. Sometimes I think to myself, ‘Wow! My kids get to experience this warm, loving environment, every day at school.’ When I help out at the school, I sense such a peaceful feeling to the place and I don’t want to leave! I don’t worry about my kids being taught anything that is contradictory to God’s word or values. Each teacher has spurred on academic and spiritual growth in my children.”

Coastline Mom “I asked my son what he liked about Coastline one day. He answered, ‘Everybody likes everybody.’ He feels safe and accepted in the school and is not afraid that he is going to be excluded from his peers because he doesn’t fit. Even though he is more academically challenged at Coastline than when he was in public school, this doesn’t overshadow the joy of being around the people he loves. Just before the beginning of the school year he shared, ‘I can’t wait to see my friends at Coastline.’”

Former Coastline Mom “There are really not enough words to say about this amazing school. Our family experienced this school for one year and then had to move away. Both my husband and I feel that the school equipped our kids with the Word in an active, daily way. Our daughter has quiet time in the morning before she gets out of bed for the day now. We see the fruit that was planted last year in their daily walk. Friendships have lasted across the miles—that are eternal. We are SO thankful to have been blessed by CCA last year. The missions trips for the junior high group were so life-changing. Our son grew in his relationship to Christ through Hume Lake and through the encouragement of other adults. The experience of Praise Band and leading the students in worship caused our kids to grow more in love with Jesus. We are SO thankful for this school, the staff, the families. You are a blessing from the Lord!!!”

Former Coastline Mom “We recently moved to Washington and our only hesitation wasn’t leaving the beautiful Santa Barbara weather or my husband’s dream job or our dreamy life on the Mesa. It was ‘Will we ever find a school like Coastline??’ As I’ve said to many people, it is the closest you can get to a guarantee that your child will be emotionally safe (the teachers and principal simply do not allow things that are anything less than positive, moral, and polite), get an unbeatable education (my kindergartner has near-perfect penmanship and read almost 4,000 pages in the annual Read-A-Thon), have dedicated teachers (each one is excellent), be infused with God (I wish I had gotten to do the assignments, projects and book reports these kids do), and be surrounded by loving families all the time. Parents use their own talents and skills to contribute toward each family’s service hours, so computer wizard dads are on campus helping set up and maintain computers, artistic moms are teaching art classes, gardeners are helping out with the flourishing edible garden, etc.—Parents are in and out all the time. Every day starts off with chapel—the kids lead the worship music and there are fantastic speakers. Parents can go to chapel every morning, too. Last year I only missed it about four times. It’s a phenomenal way to start the day. And everyone is just so welcoming, loving, and warm. I have to mention it, too. The price is jaw-dropping affordable compared to other Christian schools. There’s not ANYTHING I can say I would change.”

Coastline Grandma “Our grandson came to Coastline Christian Academy from the public school system. The love and academic support he has received while being at CCA has been incredible. He’s part of an exceptionally loving and wonderful group of classmates. I have the honor of teaching these boys and girls art classes twice a month and also go with them to make Braille Bibles to send to third world countries. The concern and respect they have for one another is stellar. Our grandson is now in 6th grade, having come at the beginning of 5th grade, and we hope he will remain through his 8th grade year.”