An Educational Approach
from a Biblical World View

At Coastline Christian Academy, we value moral and academic excellence. Every grade level from kindergarten through 8th grade incorporates both of these elements throughout the school day. A Biblically-based curriculum and academic program challenges students to grow in their knowledge of the world God created, pursue upright moral character, develop strong leadership qualities, and cultivate a solid Christian foundation.

Coastline Christian Academy is Committed to:

• Teaching through a Biblical world view
• Teaching everything in light of and through the filter of Scripture
• Upholding the behavioral and character standards taught in a
Godly home
• Respecting the parents’ role as God-ordained trainers of their children
• Providing Godly role models whose lives are strong in character
and personal discipline
• Providing a positive peer influence

Test Scores, High School and Beyond

Our SAT scores and Terra Nova scores are some of the highest in the county. Our Junior High graduates go on to become top students at: Providence Hall, Bishop Diego, Dos Pueblos and San Marcos High Schools. We are proud to hear that our alumni have gone on to Cal Poly, Westmont College, University of Ithaca, UCSD and UCSB.