We are blessed with an incredibly gifted teaching staff who love the children, love each other, and love their jobs. They are devoted followers of Jesus, looking to Him to provide the strength and wisdom needed to nurture, teach, and guide the children. Throughout the school day, in every subject, the truths of God are incorporated.

Average class sizes of 16 or less allow teachers to know each of their students well and to accurately assess and address individual needs. No student gets lost in the cracks. Teachers are regularly available to parents, and work together with them to equip their students to learn, mature, and thrive.

Coastline faculty members skillfully teach high levels of academics, present the truths of God throughout the day, successfully apply positive reinforcement discipline strategies, plan and implement significant field trips, attend chapel every morning alongside the children, and demonstrate living examples of those who truly walk in Christ. We thank God for our devoted and loving staff.