Coastline’s passion is to keep the school affordable for the average family. Fundraising provides support towards this endeavor. Every effort is made to keep these fundraisers enjoyable and low-pressure.

Our first fundraiser of the year is our Founders’ Day Barbecue and Auction. Fellowship is the focus of this popular fundraiser, while ticket sales and donated auction items bring in proceeds.

E-Scrip is a program sponsored by Vons grocery stores. Vons receipts are collected during a two-week period in the fall. Codes from these receipts are recorded online through the e-Scrip Give-Back-to-Schools program. Vons donates a portion of their profits to schools.

Coastline sells AXXESS books each year to school families and members of the community. These books are filled with coupons to a variety of local businesses.

See’s Candy fundraisers are popular each year among some families. Students are encouraged to sell to their family and friends, but not to sell door-to-door.

The largest fundraiser of the year is the Read-a-thon. Students acquire sponsors by the page or by the book. The exciting by-products are that kindergartners often catch the joy of reading for the first time, many students are inspired to read more, and students in older grades read thousands of pages during the four-week fundraiser.

Students also collect Box Tops and Campbell’s Soup labels. Class competitions spur the students on to bring in more and more labels and Box Tops.

Two or three times per year families get together at a restaurant for fellowship and fundraising. A favorite is our annual McTeacher’s Night at the local McDonald’s.

We thank God that these simple fundraising efforts allow us to keep our tuition costs down.