Garden and Recycling Programs

Spearheaded by a parent volunteer, the gardens at Coastline produce a variety of fruits and vegetables and are enjoyed by students, teachers, and parents. Grapes, radishes, carrots, broccoli, blueberries, lettuce, tomatoes, and turnips are just of the few of the plants seen in the eight different planting boxes and other growing areas. After the produce is harvested, volunteer parents take the crop and turn it into something delicious for all to try out. Recent samplings have included grape jelly, rhubarb cobbler, and mashed turnips. Students can follow the growth of the item and reap the benefits when the produce is ripe.

The garden program is financed wholly through the recycling program. Students bring their $.05 and $.10 CRV recyclables and put them in the large cans labeled for such items. Volunteer parents take them home, sort them, and turn them in each month for money to buy new seeds, new supplies, and worm compost bins. Students separate their lunch trash each day so that food items can be placed in the worm compost bins for natural fertilizer. All students have the opportunity to learn about nature and the food cycle.