New Tuition Assistance Offered for Siblings, Pastors


Beginning in the 2019-2020 academic school year, the Coastline board has approved a new tuition policy for families with multiple children enrolled at Coastline at the same time.

The new policy for a family having multiple siblings enrolled is as follows:

  • First child (oldest Coastline student) – normal tuition costs.

  • Second child– 25% reduction from the normal tuition.

  • Third child – 33% reduction from the normal tuition.

  • Fourth child and higher – 50% reduction from the normal tuition.

All families that have multiple siblings enrolled will automatically qualify for this discount. Any family needing more financial aid than what is already being offered, will need to apply separately to the financial aid process.

Coastline Christian Academy- Pastor’s Discount

Beginning in the 2019-2020 academic school year, the Coastline Board of Directors has approved a 60% tuition discount for pastors in our community. To be considered for the pastor’s discount, the CCA board may require the applicant to provide a letter, written on church letterhead, verifying their role as pastor and signed by either the head of the elder board (in the case of a senior pastor) or signed by the senior pastor (in the case of an associate pastor). The letter must include a job description and verification of how many hours per week the individual serves in this capacity.

The Coastline Board of Directors reserves the right to review each Pastor’s Discount application on a case by case basis to ensure the applicant qualifies. This discount cannot be used with any other discount (such as multiple child discount or other financial aid). If the applying pastor has multiple children, each child could receive the 60% discount.

Becca Eliasen