the perfect start to our day

Students, teachers, and staff join together every morning for chapel. Singing worship songs, hearing a Biblically-based message, reading scriptures, and praying start our hearts off on the right track, giving Jesus first place in our lives. Encouraging a sense of community, grade levels are mixed in the seating arrangement. Parents and siblings are regularly welcome to join in chapel.

Within the chapel setting, students are assigned turns to lead the Pledge of Allegiance, read scripture, and pray. Teachers, staff and parents teach inspirational messages. Once a week, we are blessed with a guest speaker, such as a local pastor, Christian leader or visiting missionary. Singing praise to God opens and closes our time together.

Upper grade students grow in leadership as they are given opportunities to play significant roles in chapel. Some rehearse once a week with the Worship Band. On Fridays, this band leads the school in worship with their voices and instrumental gifts. Others become trained and certified to run the sound board. Occasionally older students present the morning message.

The joy experienced in chapel spills over into the classroom as students and teachers begin their academic day. Parents who stay for chapel also benefit as they start their day refreshed.