Junior High

Junior highers serve in Rosarito, Mexico during spring break.

Junior highers serve in Rosarito, Mexico during spring break.


Put feet to your faith

Our greatest desire for our junior high students is that they would make their Christian faith their own. The students enjoy not only an all-school morning chapel and a classroom-focused prayer time, but also study the Bible and the Christian faith every afternoon. Books such as Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel help guide the students to a deeper faith. Additionally, an extensive study of the world’s major religions help our students analyze, contrast, and examine Christianity with other popular views.

Students learn to “put feet to their faith” with their outreach projects, including working at the Unity Shoppe, providing coats and blankets for Transition House, putting together bags of food for the homeless, and taking a missions trip to San Francisco or Rosarito to share with the less fortunate.

Academics are not short-changed. The 8th grade students study algebra, while the 7th grade students are taught pre-algebra in a different room. Similarly, the 8th grade students study U.S. history, while the 7th graders are learning about world history. Physical science is the focus for 8th graders, and the 7th graders learn about general science. The 7th and 8th grades are combined during their English class, which includes components of literature, writing, and grammar. Testing scores on standardized testing demonstrate that our junior high students are academically strong.

The K-8th setting provides the opportunity for the students to mentor the younger ones, develop playground activities for them, and lead them in worship. Students who are technically minded are given the opportunity to operate the sound system and PowerPoint slides. All students also have instruction in computer skills.

A Christian setting for the transitional junior high years is truly a blessing from heaven.