Coastline Christian


After your initial contact with Coastline Christian Academy, the following steps are typically taken before admission can be granted.

1. Submit an Enrollment Application and the appropriate application fee ($150).

2. Along with the Application, Coastline requests that the parents/guardians provide the child’s most recent report card and Stanford-10 Test scores (if applicable). Copies are acceptable.

3. The student(s) will be tested. Testing is designed to evaluate grade-level competency.

4. You will be contacted and a date and time will be arranged to interview the parent(s).

5. The Admissions Committee will evaluate the test results and the supporting documents and contact the family.


Tuition and Fee Schedule 2018-2019

Application Fee
New students only $150

Enrollment fee
New students, upon acceptance $50
Non-refundable, $100 max. per family

Re-Enrollment fee
Returning students, annually $75
For 2 students $100
For 3+ students $125

Curriculum fee $450
All students—payable July 1, 2019

Junior High Assessment Fee $125
Payable July 1, 2019

Tuition                   Annual                 Monthly

Kindergarten      $7,337                   $667

Grades 1-8            $8151                    $741

*First monthly tuition payment is due August 1, 2019.

Family Discount on Tuition
Two or more children – 25% off each younger child

Financial Aid

It is the intent of our financial aid process to be fair to all families and to be done with a good faith effort on the part of all who apply.

1. The “Confidential Application for Financial Aid” must be completely filled out before the application will be considered, unless the Board approves otherwise.

2. The application will be reviewed by the principal of Coastline Christian Academy and two members of the Business/Financial Committee.

3. To maintain confidentiality, an anonymous recommendation for financial aid will be given to the Chairman of the Board by the principal after the committee meets so that it can be voted upon at the next board meeting.

4. The applicant(s) will be sent a formal letter of acceptance/rejection of financial aid by the principal within seven days of the vote.

5. Financial aid is granted for one school year at a time.