Putting Christ first

A distinctively unique aspect of Coastline Christian Academy is that students are taught from Christian-based curricula. Rather than “adding on” how a Christian world view fits with a secular viewpoint, the students begin with the Christian viewpoint. 

The school day runs from 8:05 to 2:45, although students may arrive as early as 7:45 a.m. When the bell rings, students go to their classrooms to put away homework, jackets and lunches, and then go directly to morning chapel from 8:10 to 8:30.

After chapel, each class has a “homeroom time” in which to pray about student requests and prepare for the day. Math begins for 2nd through 8th graders at the same hour, allowing students who excel in this subject to move forward a grade level. Identified students complete both the second and third grade math books in 2nd grade, and then proceed directly to 4th grade math in their 3rd grade year. Conversely, if a student struggles with math, he/she can continue to work on math skills in a lower class grade.

Each class has its own rotation of academics after math. All classes study reading and writing, social studies, science and Bible in addition to math.

Morning recess includes two 20-minute shifts. Kindergarten through 3rd graders enjoy the first morning recess, while 4th through 8th graders enjoy the second. Students have a 40-minute lunch break, again in two shifts.  The 1st through 4th graders begin lunch at noon, and 5th through 8th grade students begin their lunch 20 minutes later, creating a 20-minute overlap for younger and older students. This creates leadership opportunities for the junior high students in mentoring and leading playground games.

Afternoons offer physical education, music, computer, or art each day. The physical education program teaches skills in soccer, basketball, baseball, track, and volleyball, and trains students for the Presidential Fitness Testing every spring. Music includes teaching the basics of reading music and singing, as well as performing twice each year. The computer program is skills-based, with each child learning how to type with the proper fingers. Following this skill is instruction in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for the upper grades. Art lessons are “hands-on,” with art history incorporated in many grade levels.

Academics are supplemented by special field trips at all grade levels. The youngest students stay in the local area for field trips to various locations such as the Pumpkin Patch, the Sea Center, museums, environmental organizations, and archeological sites. Beginning in 4th grade, students go away for overnight field trips. Parents are always invited to join the students.

The fourth grade Sacramento trip is one of the favorites! Each student, with a parent, spends a whole week finding out more about our state capital, as well as the “Gold Country.” Fifth graders enjoy an overnight at the Long Beach Aquarium, and take day trips to Anacapa or Santa Cruz Island and the Ronald Reagan Library. Sixth graders experience outdoor education for a week at Hume Lake, where each evening they learn more about the Lord and worship Him. Junior highers visit the Creation Research Institute in San Diego and also have a week-long missions trip to San Francisco or Mexico.

At Coastline, our goal is to create an environment where children learn to put Christ first. Woven into the academics and field trips is always the most important thing: “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and with all of your soul, and with all of your mind and with all of your strength.” Mark 12:30